Crow By Mitzi Beliveau I was at the Vetsfest of 2019 when I saw the band, Crow. They were celebrating 50 years as a band. That is a long time. It was a hot day, but the place was packed to this awesome band play new songs and old songs. Crow was there for … Continue reading Crow

Pat McLaughlin Band at VetsFest 2019

Pat McLaughlin Band at VetsFest 2019 By Mitzi Beliveau It was a hot Saturday in the summer for the Vetsfest in Oakdale, Minnesota when I saw one of my favorite bands, Pat McLaughlin Band. By the way, Pat McLaughlin helped put the Vetsfest on every year with the help of many volunteers.   Played … Continue reading Pat McLaughlin Band at VetsFest 2019

Craig Clark Band

Craig Clark Band By Mitzi Beliveau It was a hot Saturday morning when I heard the Craig Clark Band at the Vetsfest of 2019 at the Richard Walton Park in Oakdale, Minnesota. I have listened to the Craig Clark band many times, and I always enjoy hearing their music and dancing to the band. … Continue reading Craig Clark Band

Spotlight: The Jorgensens

Spotlight: The Jorgensens By Mitzi Beliveau It was a hot Sunday afternoon when I went to PD Pappy’s in Stillwater, Minnesota to see the Jorgensens Band. It was not the first time I have seen them. This time a brought a group of friends with me. I knew my friends would love this band and … Continue reading Spotlight: The Jorgensens

The Midas Touch

The Midas Touch By Mitzi Beliveau It is always a pleasure to see the Midas Touch band at Mancinis Char House in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Mancini's Char House is always rocking when the Midas Touch plays and I go there often just to watch the Midas Touch. Al Tosel is the bass player and he … Continue reading The Midas Touch

Spotlight: ECHO

Spotlight: ECHO By Mitzi Beliveau It was a Thursday evening with friends we went dancing at the Richfield Legion in Richfield, Minnesota. It was a warm evening but it was even hotter inside with the music from ECHO. The main singer was outstanding, Mayo Lapakko. A well-seasoned singer with a strong voice always on the … Continue reading Spotlight: ECHO

The Dickerman Brothers Band

The Dickerman Brothers Band By Mitzi Beliveau   I was invited to a Fourth of July celebration at the Disabled Veterans Camp in Minnesota. I was there to hear some old friends who are very accomplished musicians and singers. The Dickerman Brothers Band was playing for the vets and their family that afternoon and part … Continue reading The Dickerman Brothers Band

The No Booze and Blues Cruise

The No Booze and Blues Cruise By Mitzi Beliveau   It was a Thursday night, and I was invited to the No Booze and Blues Cruise. It was both a fundraiser and a Blues Cruise. The hot evening got even hotter with some of the best music on the Avalon down the Saint Croix River … Continue reading The No Booze and Blues Cruise

Smoldering Roots

Smoldering Roots By Mitzi Beliveau It was a Saturday night in Saint Paul, and a friend and I decided to go to Casper’s and Runyon’s Shamrock Irish Nook! I had been invited to watch and listen to the band Smoldering Roots. I’m glad I went, not only did I get excellent service and food, but … Continue reading Smoldering Roots

Everett Smithson Band

Everett Smithson Band By Mitzi Beliveau It was a Friday night and a friend, and I went to Schooner Tavern in Minneapolis, Minnesota to see the band I have heard about through friends, but until now, I had not seen. I was delighted to listen to the music from The Everett Smithson Band. Everett Smithson … Continue reading Everett Smithson Band