By Mitzi Beliveau

I was at the Vetsfest of 2019 when I saw the band, Crow. They were celebrating 50 years as a band. That is a long time. It was a hot day, but the place was packed to this awesome band play new songs and old songs.

Crow was there for the Vets for music.

The band had energy and added some of the locals for the horn section and three local female singers. It was an all-star cast of music enjoyment and excitement.

Dave Wagner was lead singer and guitar, an excellent lead singer. Dave was dominating in every song he sang. Dave wowed the crowd with his singing, as he has for decades!

The lead and rhythm guitar was Jeff Christensen, a great musician, and singer. Another well season member of the band.

Bass guitar was Larry Wiegand, very well divers and the groove of the band also sang.

The keyboard player was Dave Middlemist. I found Dave as his friend call him to be friendly and well-seasoned on the keyboard.

My apologies for not know everyone in the band that day. It was a busy event, and everyone was setting up on stage.

Crow sold some of their CDs and Tee shirts which many fans bought.

I found Crow to be the best ever with all of the hit’s songs. I don’t know how they could get better but 50 years has kept them up to beat with the of the best bands of today.

Playing rock and roll, jazz, blues, and a little bit of everything else, Crow wowed the crowd as they have for decades. They are in the Hall of Rock in Roll Fame in Minnesota, Iowa, and South Dakota

The solo and blended singer were right on the beat, and magic was in the air whenever they sang. A great diverse group of singer and musicians. Only the best of the best play in the band Crow. I was not disappointed with their stage present or music. An excellent band and magic in the air when they sang and played their instruments.

Five stars for blended music, five stars for stage present, five stars for mixed voices, five stars for being on the beat. Five stars for the band on stage participation to get the crowd going. Everyone singing songs and joining in. I’ll be back to see them again, where ever they play. Great job Crow, I hope to see you at least another decade!

You can find out more about the band by clicking on the links below.


Crow homepage


Crow Facebook page


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