Pat McLaughlin Band at VetsFest 2019


Pat McLaughlin Band at VetsFest 2019

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a hot Saturday in the summer for the Vetsfest in Oakdale, Minnesota when I saw one of my favorite bands, Pat McLaughlin Band. By the way, Pat McLaughlin helped put the Vetsfest on every year with the help of many volunteers.


Played for by the Vets for music.

My friend Taco was on the drums and always keeps the band on the beat, he even did a little solo part to show off his excellent drumming skills! Taco is one of the most coveted drummers in the area. Many bands ask him to play with them on their gigs.

Johnny or sometimes people call him JD played the bass guitar. Very well on note, rhythm, and tone. I could feel the beat in each note he played in each song. The bass guitar was well blended with the other instruments. Johnny also sang some solo songs. He has quite a beautiful range of musical notes he can sing. Always on key when he sings.

The lead guitar and leader of the band, Pat Mclaughlin. Very excellent voice and range. A very strong singer and great lead guitarist. Pat as his friends call him to host several events a year for the Vets throughout the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area. Pat as his friends call him volunteers for various Vets organizations for Free! Helping Vets everywhere who are in hospitals, health facilities, and the Disabled Vets Camp. Great job Pat! The Angels above truly follow you where ever you go. Bless your heart for doing so much for our Vets!

The harp player was Joey Gagliardi. He plays with Harrison St Band and played the guest spot. Great harmonica player!

Lead and rhythm guitar were Tony Houle. Tony also sang solo and blended. He was up on stage playing his guitar and singing with a tremendous calming voice and everlasting energy that he brings to the scene. He seems to bring in his audience with his strength and the music of his guitar. I see heads and feet going. People dance to the beat of his music because of the emotions he puts into the music he plays.

The keyboard player was Bill Swanson. Internationally known keyboardist and singer Bill Swanson plays all over the metro area and is often seen in other regions thought the USA and other countries via Facebook, WordPress, and other media. I have had many requests for more of his music when I go out to jam sessions. People all over the world upload his music whenever I record jam sessions with Bill Swanson in them. Bill Swanson is my number one requested musician and singer.

The saxophone player was Ace Barton. I find Ace to be the best saxophone player in the upper Midwest area and perhaps even in the top five in the nation. Yes, he is that good. Every time he plays a solo, he gets the listeners clapping and yelling for more. He is very well admired in the local music community by all genre of music.

I give the band five stars for a well-blended musical band. Five stars for a variety of music they play very well. Five stars for excellent solo and blended voices. Five stars for an all-star musicians and singers’ band. They don’t get any better than this!

You can find out more about Pat McLaughlin Band on the links below.


Facebook page Pat McLaughlin Band


Youtube Pat McLaughlin Band



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