This is all about music thru my eyes, heart, and hearing. I write only five-star reviews. Which means I write only about the best of the best. If a band is not at its peak, I will wait to do a review of them.

Who gets these reviews? I go on referrals from others. I have to have more than one referral to listen to a band. I also listen to what other bands say are great bands, singers, or musicians. Occasionally I find a band, singer, musician on my own.

A few times, I have posted about music about YouTube videos. The venues and organizations that host live music are also on this website. It all correlates and works together.

The three-tier process is reviewed by others; first, second is my viewing and listening, third is observations of the audience. I do not take in a few mistakes by bands, singers or musicians. I am so well known that I sometimes make people nervous. I look for the overall performance. My reviews point out the best in their performance.

I have no need to downgrade a band, singer, or musician. If they are not at the peak of their profession, I will not write about them. I promote live music and the best of the best all over the world.

English is my third language, and I am still learning. I hope you all can forgive a few mistakes in my English as I forgive those I write about. Namaste and peace be with you. Music is love!

I am also on other sites, have other blog pages, on small business, UFO, Paranormal and everything in between.

My email is mitzibpromotions@gmail.com if you wish to contact me! Thank you.

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Saint Paul UFO and Paranormal Meetup Group

Saint Paul, MN
25 Members

People meeting together to talk in a safe place about UFOs and Paranormal. We will also be having free short psychic classes and small group events until the COVID 19 allows u…

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Lake Harriet Spiritual Community (LHSC)

Minneapolis, MN
4,604 Conscious Community Members

We are a vibrant, spiritually diverse community which honors and explores the unique connection to the Divine within each of us. Through our commitment to personal development…

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Recovery Dharma

Saturday, Mar 20, 2021, 11:30 AM
3 Attending

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Winnipeg UFO Research and Experiencers Group

Winnipeg, MB
894 UFO mystery seekers

This group is for anyone interested in UFO phenomena, extraterrestrials, and the related paranormal phenomena that seem to be connected. The group provides a support group for…

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Meet-Up Discuss UFO Experiences (now 2nd Tuesday of month)

Tuesday, Apr 13, 2021, 7:00 PM
28 Attending

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LHSC Practice Circle

Tuesday, Mar 2, 2021, 7:00 PM

Online event

3 Conscious Community Members Went

The Practice, an LHSC circle, is a great place to come together to share experiences, ask questions, and be guided by a group of like-minded souls. We focus on such topics as psychic, mediumship, ghosts, Angels, Guides, intuition, healing, etc. everyone has the opportunity to practice their gifts if they desire. Anyone present can ask a question an…

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