This is all about music thru my eyes, heart, and hearing. I write only five-star reviews. Which means I write only about the best of the best. If a band is not at its peak, I will wait to do a review of them.

Who gets these reviews? I go on referrals from others. I have to have more than one referral to listen to a band. I also listen to what other bands say are great bands, singers, or musicians. Occasionally I find a band, singer, musician on my own.

A few times, I have posted about music about Youtube videos. The venues and organizations that host live music are also on this website. It all correlates and works together.

The three-tier process is reviewed by others; first, second is my viewing and listening, third is observations of the audience. I do not take in a few mistakes by bands, singers or musicians. I am so well known that I sometimes make people nervous. I look for the overall performance. My reviews point out the best in their performance.

I have no need to downgrade a band, singer, or musician. If they are not at the peak of their profession, I will not write about them. I promote live music and the best of the best all over the world.

English is my third language, and I am still learning. I hope you all can forgive a few mistakes in my English as I forgive those I write about. Namaste and peace be with you. Music is love!