Igor Prado


Igor Prado

 By Mitzi Beliveau

 It was another hot night at Wilebskis Blues Saloon in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I was going to watch some of my good friends play on stage. The famous Paul Barry played the harmonica and sang. Jeremy Johnson played the drums and the lead/rhythm guitar, Tim Wick played the keyboard, John Franken did a guest guitar lead, and rhythm and Bill Black was on bass. The special guest that night was Igor Prada from Brazil

Igor, as his friends call him, is one heck of a singer and lead guitar player. Igor played Blues, Rock and Roll and Jazz with exceptional talent. The clear, crisp sound of each note he sang was amazing. Right on the beat and his voice was strong, and I could feel the emotion in each song he sang.

Igor exceptional talent is matched by his guitar playing and bringing out the best in each note he plays. Fantastic sound and perfection in both of his gifts of singing and playing the guitar. People danced to his music and singing all night long.

Igor pulls strings by using the rare form of using the guitar upside down and backward as some say. He pulls strings instead of strumming them. It produces a beautiful sound and unique way of playing the guitar at the professional level Igor is at.

I have to say people in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul are were blessed to have an exceptional musician and world-renowned singer in our present. I can see why he is doing a world tour from his country of Brazil.

We are blessed to have had him here in Minnesota. I also hope he comes back someday to perform his great music.

Five stars for performance, five stars for music balance, five stars for tone and rhythm.

You can find out more about Igor Prado by clicking on the link below.


Igor Prado Facebook page


Igor Prado homepage



Wilebskis Blues Saloon.






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