Ted Swims

Ted Swims

By Mitzi Beliveau

Once in a while, you hear an amazing voice and you stand in awe. I did that with Ted Swims the first time I heard a video of him singing. What an amazing voice! Smooth and powerful full of emotion. A once in a lifetime singer. I am truly blessed to of heard him.

It was a fluke that one of my friends on Facebook happens to post a video of Ted Swims. Ted is from the State of Georgia and does live concerts. Tim also has YouTube videos.

I tried to post to his Facebook page that I was interested in writing about him, but I got flagged for spam! I don’t know if I will ever meet him in person, but he is defiantly one person to follow. I can see a star in the making. An international star in the making.

I don’t write about someone I see only in video, so you know it has to be someone special for me to write about them. Listen to his voice and music then you will understand why.

Five stars for voice. Five stars for tempo. Five stars for the presentation of songs.

Great job Ted Swims! Keep on sharing your gift of singing.

Click on the links below to listen and find out more about Ted Swims.


Ted Swims Facebook page



Ted Swims homepage


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