Tim Wick and Lisa Wenger

lisa and tim

Tim Wick and Lisa Wenger

By Mitzi Beliveau

I was at a benefit for the Road to Memphis at the Minnesota Music Cafe in Saint Paul, MN. It was there that I met up with the famous keyboard player and singer Tim Wick. One of the best keyboard players in the five-state area and often asked by other bands to join them in concerts.

This time Tim Wick was playing and singing with Ms. Lisa Wenger. The two of them are going to the international Blues competitions in Memphis, Tennesee. This will be a duo competition. A great pair of expert singers and well blended.

Ms. Lisa Wenger has a fantastic voice full and smooth. She hits every note to perfection. I very well noted singer in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area. I can see she will be going far and become an international singer soon.

Tim Wick is a well-known keyboard player as well as a singer. As a solo and blended with Lisa as her friends call her. Tim, as he is known as by his fellow blues members, combined well with music and singing.  I can see them winning the competitions hands down.

Five stars for solo singers, five stars for presentation. Five stars for keyboard presentations. Great job, Tim and Lisa!

You can find out more about both on the links below.

Tim Wick


Lisa Wenger



Minnesota Music Cafe





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