Voodoo Chicken

voodoo chicken1

Voodoo Chicken

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a benefit for the Minnesota Road to Memphis Blues Contest at the Minnesota Music Café that I got to hear Voodoo Chicken.

The band is led by David Lambert, and I saw the MN version of Voodoo Chicken. A well-seasoned singer and lead guitar. On this occasion, David, as his friends call him sang, his heart out to fellow blues members wishing to make some money for others travel to Memphis for the International Blues Competition.

I was sad when David said he was moving, but I was glad to see him one more time. I miss his music and voice.

Next was bass player Matt Pagelkopf filling in for the bass player of the original Voodoo Chicken band. A smooth bass player. Always on the beat and filling the air with soul with each pluck of the string. Great music comes from this bass player. I can see why he was picked and is highly valued as a bass player in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area.

The fill-in for the drummer was Donna Daul. One of the best female drummers in the five-state area. Keeping the beat and singing solo is a real treat. A well-rounded, talented woman who can hold her own. Men have to be good enough to compete with Donna! It is no easy task. I can see why Donna was picked for the drummer.

I’m glad everyone had the pleasure to here the Minnesota version of Voodoo Chicken band. I will have to go to Memphis, Tennessee to hear the original Voodoo Chicken band.

A big thank you to all three of you for sharing your time and talent to help others out. Five stars for performances, five stars for solo and blended voices, five stars for presentation, five stars for being on the beat.

To find out about the real band Voodoo Chicken, there is a link below. When you see them, say hi for me!


Facebook page



Minnesota Music Café


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