The Stella Vees


The Stella Vees

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a warm fall night, and I was at Wilebskis Blues Saloon in Saint Paul, Minnesota. One of my hangouts on a Friday night and a hot spot for great music and dancing.

I was invited by several of my friends that are Blues musicians and singers to come to watch a fabulous band from Lousiville, Kentucky. My friend Paul Barry said this was the band he had seen many times in Tennessee when he went to the International Blues Contest. Little did I know what I was about to experience was a great musical adventure. The band was The Stella Vees.

Paul was right, as the musicians played and sang, I could tell they were old pros. Never miss a beat and having the best time on stage. The Stella Vees love to entertain and be on stage with each other. They blended well together, and none ever missed a beat on any song all night long.

I was not able to get a picture of them that evening like I like to do before a band starts. I also didn’t get to meet all of The Della Vees band, but I did experience some of the best music from Lousiville, Kentucky. I can see why these guys travel all over the USA. The Stella Vees are a genuine touring band and not second rate or anyone’s second loved band. They are the main band people go to see and enjoy pure delightful music.

I could tell the lead guitarist was the instigator of the energy of the band. I have never seen someone so full of joy and energy being up on stage and moving the crowd as well as his bandmates. I could feel their energy and joy. I’d loved to watch that more often. A rare gift indeed.

I can often tell how great a band is by how many local musicians show up for a group. Wilebskis Blues Saloon was filled full of musicians and singers. They were all there to see The Stella Vees band. An excellent reputation for exceptional music with a grand present. The Stella Vees played Blues, Rock and Roll, Jazz and a little bit of Soul.

I loved the two saxophones that one member played. It was great music. Each note and beat right on. The drummer keeps everyone on the beat and had a great time! The keyboard player was thrilled to listen to and kept upbeat and notes. The bass player kept the grove in each song and a little bit of spice and mood to excite the crowd. The lead guitarist was excellent along with all the energy and joy. His guitar sang that night!

All in The Stella Vees are real experts and pros in the music world. These are men that others try to be as good as in the music world.

My friend sang and played the harmonica and there were guest guitarists and singers. All in all, a grand show that can never be repeated. I’m hoping someday to see them again. It will be pure delight and enjoyment for me and a gift to have all these incredible musicians and singers under the same roof as me again.

Five stars for stage presence. Five stars for tempo. Five stars for a variety of music. Five stars for solo singing. Five stars for blending singing. Five stars for blended music.

You can find out more about The Stella Vees by clicking on the link below.



Facebook Page



Wilebliskis Blues Saloon Facebook page


Paul Barry Facebook

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