Craig Clark Band at the Road to Memphis Event in Minnesota


Craig Clark Band at the Road to Memphis Event in Minnesota

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a Sunday at the Minnesota Music Café in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and I was at a Road to Memphis benefit, and I met up with many of my friends. One of the friends, Craig Clark, was playing at this benefit. I am amazed every time I listen to his band. Always extradentary music and singing come from the Craig Clark Band. The Craig Clark Band played at this Road to Memphis benefit.

I also know that Craig, as his friends call him, likes to play at many benefits. Craig and his bandmates love to help others out. I would like to interject here, that a band with a good heart will go thousands of miles and win the fans more than the stars above. It’s a bit cheesy to say it, but I have no other descriptions of their immense love of their fans and fellow musicians. The Craig Clark Band is this and more.

The Road to Memphis benefit is to help bands who have won their state Blues challenge. The bands go to Memphis, Tennessee, to an international challenge. Craig himself went to the International Blues Challenge last year with another band.

Craig Clark Band is known in Minnesota and in the five-state area as a great, blues, rock and roll, and jazz band. With a fantastic upbeat and superimposed magic on any stage they perform. This is why I watch the Craig Clark Band often; I love their performances!

I live in the area they play most often. I feel that is a blessing. I have written about the Craig Clark Band before, and you can read the story below. Just click on the link.

I would like to finish by saying how awesome it is to have a great band do the Road to Memphis for another group. It is following their heart all the way.

You can find out more about the Minnesota Blue Society that host the Road to Memphis in Minnesota and click on the Craig Clark Band to find out if they are going to be in your area soon.


Craig Clark Band homepage

Craig Clark facebook page


Minnesota Music Cafe


Minnesota Blues Society


The International Blues Challenge webpage


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