Mark Arneson Band Featuring Mia Dorr

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Mark Arneson Band Featuring Mia Dorr

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a Thursday early evening that I went to The Minnesota Music Café to a benefit for the Minnesota Road to Memphis. I’m always amazed at the tremendous extraordinary music we have in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul Area. The Mark Arneson Band Featuring Mia Dorr is one of the hottest bands in the Metro area right now as I write this. I have been reading articles in the major newspapers about Mark Arneson and Mia Dorr. I was not disappointed. The Mark Arneson Band went way passed my expectations.

Mark, as his friends all call him, has been in the music business for quite a while now. Known as a great music producer, singer, musician, mentor, and teacher. A highly valued and sought-after musician and singer. Mark is known for his multi-talented guitar, sax, and keys. With a voice that is smooth and powerful, well solo, and blended. Mark is one of the top producers in the five-state area.

The drummer was having fun and smiling, always keeping the beat. I could tell Bob Johnston loves what he does and is excellent with this band. I would rate him in the top 10 in the nation.

John Iden, on the smooth bass music, comes from the gentle yet precise plucks and swaying to the music and great smiles and emotion in each note that moves his bandmates. Another top musician that is very good at what he does and one of the top bass players in the nation.

Next is another multi-talented musician Scott Graves playing the guitar, keyboard, sax, and trombone. OMG, this band has so many talented musicians and singers! Scott is very friendly and confident in his mannerisms and showmanship! A great musician! I believe Scott could be a one-man show, but by looking on stage, he would miss the joy and friendship he has with his bandmates. Scott never missed a beat, tone, or note.

Next is the band is the fantastic singer and downright top blues female singer in the nation. A powerful voice and presence on the stage. Excellent stage presence and commands the stage, and the band truly is blessed to have Mia. Yes, Mark, John, Bob, and Scott all know Mia is the one in charge! Mia knows her voice and commands it well.

As I heard the band play, I could hear everyone around me say how great this band was and how much fun they were having together on the stage. Now, mind you, some everyday people dancing, and listen to blues music was present that night. But there the Minnesota Music Café was also filled with the top musicians and singers of the blues community. When a band and singer wow the top professionals, you know you have one of the top nation’s bands!

What can I say, everyone, knows that this band is top rate and is far above and beyond any local band or five-state area? I see this band traveling all over the world soon! This night they sang, blues, jazz, rock and roll, Minnesota music sound and a mix of soul and beyond the music of the stars!

Five stars for stage present, five stars for musical talent, five stars, solo singer, five stars for blended singers, five stars for multi-talented musicians, five stars tempo and beat. Five stars for acapella singing.

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