3rd Annual Charles Schoen Cancer Benefit



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3rd Annual Charles Schoen Cancer Benefit

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a Sunday afternoon when I attended the 3rd Annual Charles Schoen Cancer Benefit. This year it was at Mancinis Char House in Saint Paul, Minnesota. It was like a reunion of people in the music community and people in the recovery of Cancer. One of the owners of Mancini’s Char House said he was a cancer survivor. The Owners/brothers donated their restaurant and food for the event.

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Charles Schoen is part of the Fabulous Del Counts band that has been continually playing for over four decades. A continuous part of the Rock and Roll culture of the sixties and continues today.

Life has it’s up and downs with the Del Counts. Last year they lost their drummer while playing at Mancini’s Char House. One of the sad occurrences the band has endured.

One of the band members found out they had cancer and to help supplement the treatments is when the band The Del Counts and Gypsy, who many of the band members play in holding their first benefit three years ago. I was a part of that benefit, and many people attended it at another venue.

This year there was great food, things to buy, and money to be raised. Lots of great music and friendships and reunions.

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You can find out more about the Del Counts by clicking on the like below. And give to the Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer on the link below.


The Fabulous Del Counts homepage



Mancini’s Char House webpage



Lymphoma webpage


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