Spotlight: Bryan Basset At the Apple Valley Jam Session

Spotlight: Bryan Basset At the Apple Valley Jam Session

By Mitzi Beliveau


It was a great afternoon and evening at the Apple Valley, Minnesota Jam Session on Monday. Apple Valley Legion Jam Session is one of my favorite places. I find lots of local talent, and often, visitors from around the USA come to visit and perform. It was this evening that I had the pleasure to hear Bryan Basset.

I knew it was going to be an excellent adventure when two guitarists introduced Bryan Basset from Florida. Bryan, as his friends called him, said he used to sing in a band in Minnesota, but is warm and loving Florida when we have our winters here. I have to say, Minnesota lost a great singer when Bryan left to go to Florida.

Music flowed smoothly as Bryan sang. The whole legion was in awe of the beautiful songs he sang. Many stood up after and clapped. Bryan is a once in a life-time singer that is a gift to hear. I found Bryan also to have a humble personality. Meeting and greeting people and thanking everyone who enjoyed his singing.

Pitch, notes, rhythm all were perfection while he sang. A very well-seasoned singer. With a smooth strong sexy voice.

Five stars temp, rhythm, stage present, and personality. I hope to see Bryan again soon when he comes to visit family.

You can find out more about Bryan Basset on the link below. Look him up if you are ever in the Tampa, Florida area.


Bryan Basset homepage


Apple Valley, Minnesota Legion



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