Inside Straights Blues Band, Update

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Inside Straights Blues Band, Update

By Mitzi Beliveau

I decided to host a small group of people for a lovely evening at a place called Tally’s Dockside & C.G. Hooks BBQ in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. We were going to hear one of my favorite bands, Inside Straights Blues Band.

My friends and I were outside on the deck, and it was a lovely fall evening on the dock of White Bear Lake, in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. By the end of the evening, people were dancing on the sidewalks to the music of the Inside Straights Blues Band.

Bill Swanson is in this song link below. Bill, as his friends call him, is one of the lead singers in the Inside Straights Blues Band.

Internationally known keyboardist and singer Bill Swanson plays all over the metro area and is often seen in other regions thought the USA and other countries via Facebook, WordPress, and other media. I have had many requests for more of his music when I go out to jam sessions. People all over the world upload his music whenever I record jam sessions with Bill Swanson in them. Bill Swanson is my number one requested musician and singer.

The other powerhouse lead singer in this band is Kurt Koehler is another well know international singer and guitarist. First time I heard his voice I fell in love with his songs. He has a raspy low and smooth sound that reminds me of Louie Armstrong voice. Yes, he is that good! A very unusual tremendous and powerful voice. He plays his guitar, and it sings beautiful music effortlessly. Kurt Koehler sings the lead in this Youtube video below.

Next, is the drummer Taco filling in for Rick Johnson. He has been a long-time drummer in the area and fills in just about every blues band in the area. Keep the group on the beat and of the best drummer in these times. Endless energy of rhythm and even solo it perinates the halls where ever he goes. One of the best drummers in the five-state area.

Mark Zmuda is the bass player and well-seasoned bass player always on the beat and plugs the music on time and beautifully another very talented member in the band.

I give Inside Straights Blues Band five stars for overall performance. Both singers get five stars plus! Drummer five stars for an extraordinarily excellent performance! Bass guitar player five stars for best performance! One of the top 10 blues band in the upper Midwest!

You can find more about the band by clicking on these links below. They perform all over the USA. When they come to your town or area. See them. They fill up the places they go to.

Inside Straights Blues Band website



Tally’s Dockside & CG Hooks BBQ website



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