Bluedog Band, Update


Bluedog Band, Update

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a warm fall evening, and I was invited to listen to one of my favorite Blues band Bluedog at the Spring Café at Como Lakeside Pavilion. A large stage and a big present with Bluedog on the setting of the beautiful Como Lake, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. It was a perfect evening to listen to an ideal band.

I had been invited to watch the band by an old-time friend and drummer of the Bluedog band Greg. I’ve known Greg for about 15-20 years. If you do not have a great drummer in the group, the music is off. Greg keeps the group on tempo.

Tom is Bluedog’s bass guitar player. I found him very fun, amusing and played the guitar with skill, love that showed in each pluck of the string. The lead guitar player Eric! Eric is Mr. magic on the lead guitar the music from the lead guitar is from Angels from about. It is good because the two female singers are mother and daughter duel, Joni and Alex.

Each mother and daughter singing alone or together with pizzazz! Both have each their own style of singing. Alex also plays the keyboard with vibrations I have never seen. A very unique sound and blessing to my ears. You never be disappointed by listening and dancing to their music. I loved Joni voice, the lead singer. Her voice is a pleasant experience and beautiful to hear. You can feel the emotion in each song when Joni sings.

Bluedog didn’t miss a beat, and the energy can be felt in each of their songs. They are a Blues band but play a variety of music genre, all I might say exceptional well! I think that is why they have won many awards. I will not repeat them in this blog. You can find more about Bluedog at the end of the blog in the links provided.

I give Bluedog five stars in music, five stars in tempo and movement of new music sound, five stars in entertainment. They are in the top 10 bands in the five-state area, in my opinion. It is an honor to write these few words about you Bluedog!

You can find out more about them at the links below. Don’t forget to buy their CDs!


Bluedog website


Spring Café at Como Lakeside Pavilion



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