Snapshot: M. T. Pockets Band


Snapshot: M. T. Pockets Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a Friday night in North Saint Paul Car Show. The whole town shows up for the weekly car show from June thru October. Added is food, music and amazing old cars lined on the main street.

As I was walking, I heard this beautiful music coming from the sidewalk. It was an outside sidewalk show of a great local band called M. T. Pockets. There were many people around listening to the beautiful music that this band created. I was wondering why this band did not have a stage to play on. They were that good.

Perhaps they have not been discovered yet? Well, they have now. Great music comes from the leading female singer. A bold and lovely voice that was right on the note and timing with every song she sang. Back up, singers were well blended.

The musicians were right on time, and very professional sound quality came from this band. I can see M. T. Pockets traveling the five-state area soon.

Want to book a great band? Book M. T. Pockets you can find the link for the group below.

Five stars for the presentation of music. Five stars for well-blended music. Five stars for a solo singer.

Great job M. T. Pockets! See you around soon.


M.T. Pockets Facebook page



North Saint Paul Car Show Facebook page

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