Helium for LiftOff


Helium for LiftOff

By Mitzi Beliveau

I’m always amazed when I go somewhere and hear a truly fantastic band. This time I found the Crown Jewels of the Rock and Roll and Blues band in the USA. A local group in Minnesota with a big-time sound of worldwide entertainment. That band’s name is Helium of LiftOff. I saw them at the North Saint Paul, Minnesota Car Show.


I knew the bands main male singer and lead guitar player Howie Beenken. Howie as his friends calls him had invited me before to see his band and raved about the beautiful female singer he had. Howie said you have to hear her; you will love her.

Howie was right, Karen Skaja is one of the best female singers I have heard. A powerful voice with smooth sounds hitting each note to perfection. I could have listened to her voice all weekend long had the band Helium for LiftOff played that long. Karen’s as everyone calls her also plays the exceptional keyboard well. A great talented lady and a gem to be sure in the music world.


Howie also sang solos that evening. Romancing the ladies in the crowd with his magical voice and attitude. Another singer that sings to perfection. Howie is a grand lead guitar player even after the string broke off one of his guitars. Good thing, he had two. Howie worked both of his guitars to make a magical sound to match his a lovely voice.

Dan Parker played the bass guitar and kept up the best music never missing a beat. the soul of music is in the bass music. I often listen to the bands to see if anything if off. Dan, as his friends call him, never missed! Always on beat and note.

Last is the drummer Jimi Allison! OMG, awesome drummer. How can a band have so many excellent and talented singers and musicians? I will also say here, Jimi as everyone calls him sang some solos too.

I was in pure heaven that night listening to Helium for LiftOff. Each song lifted me away, and I wanted to dance all night long. Thank you Helium for LiftOff for the gift of music and sharing the blessing of music that you genuinely have.

I’m hoping to see Helium for LiftOff soon in the next few weeks, I just can’t get enough of Helium for LiftOff.  You can find out more about them by clicking on the link below.

Five stars for stage present, five stars each for every lead singer in the band. (I rarely give all solo singer five stars in a group) Five stars for blended singers. Five stars for music perfection.

Helium for LiftOff Facebook page


North St. Paul Car Show


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