Twang Time

  Twang Time By Mitzi Beliveau It was a cold Sunday winter night when I decided to pop in again a great hot spot in North Saint Paul, Minnesota, Neumann’s Bar. Twang Times play at Neumann’s one Sunday a month.  I walked into the most beautiful Classic Old County Music I have heard in a … Continue reading Twang Time

Helium for LiftOff

Helium for LiftOff By Mitzi Beliveau I’m always amazed when I go somewhere and hear a truly fantastic band. This time I found the Crown Jewels of the Rock and Roll and Blues band in the USA. A local group in Minnesota with a big-time sound of worldwide entertainment. That band's name is Helium of … Continue reading Helium for LiftOff

Mr. Winky Band

Mr. Winky Band By Mitzi Beliveau It was a chilly winter evening on a Saturday night. I was by myself and decided I needed to get out after a long week of snow. I went to one of the local Legions in my area. The North Saint Paul American Legion Post 39. (Link below) I … Continue reading Mr. Winky Band