Twang Time



Twang Time

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a cold Sunday winter night when I decided to pop in again a great hot spot in North Saint Paul, Minnesota, Neumann’s Bar. Twang Times play at Neumann’s one Sunday a month.  I walked into the most beautiful Classic Old County Music I have heard in a long time. My mother loved this kind of music, and it is what I grew up on; old country music.

Twang Time plays Thursdays at The Narrows many times this year. I can see why, great music, great voices, on time, no mistakes, and perfection in Country music.

The band had lots of energy and wowed the crowd, whom I overheard a few people say, they come here just for this band. The place was pack. People came and went, but it was packed with fans of the Twang Time all night long.

Twang Time, take their fans seriously, mixing and mingling with them during each break. Not many bands do that.

Luke Kramer plays both lead and rhythm guitar, solo, and blended singer.

Dan Neale plays both lead and rhythm guitar, solo, and blended singer.

Scott Wenum is the Drummer, solo, and blended singer.

Dan Lowinger is a Bass guitar, solo, and blended singer.

Ali Gray lead female singer, great voice and energy on stage.

Click on the link below to find out how you can hear this amazing music for yourself. I see this group Twang Time traveling all over the USA with their great sound.

Five stars for all singers, both for solos and blended. OMG, the whole band, is great singers! Five stars for bass for smooth and even notes, the soul of the group. Five stars for the drummer, right on the beat every time.  Both guitars were both well suited for lead and rhythm. Five stars for stage presence. Five stars for Ali the lead female singer, smooth and precious singing that I adore. They enjoy each other and have fun! People sing along with them with each and every song!

I’ll be back to see them. Thank you, Neumann’s Bar, for finding the best bands!



Twang Time Facebook page


Nuemann’s Bar Facebook page

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