Another Hit by The Rock Camp Experience

Another Hit by The Rock Camp Experience

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was early winter on the weekend, and I went to see another fantastic Rock Camp Experience. I was at the Dog House Bar in Maplewood, Minnesota. A great bar and restaurant with a large dance floor. The stage is set for a big band, and the best sound people work with the bands. Rock and Roll, Jazz, Blues and everything in between was on stage.

I love listening and watching the people on stage. Some are season performers; others maybe be on the stage for the very first time. All are professionals after being in the Music Comp Experience.

I love listening to each and every “camp” group that goes on stage. Each choosing the name of the band. Many people come to watch them, family, friends, and the local music crowd. I have even seen a few band leaders looking for talent for their own bands.

A very well-run boot camp for Rock Camp Experiencers. Teaching and mentoring. I don’t know if it is just me, but I see the best talent even better. It is going to be a tough year to pick the best of the best Music group this year. Lots of great talent.

rock camp 9

I will share pictures of the groups in this event. Only the best of the best! Four great bands doing the best music around.

rock camp 8

rock camp 10rock camp 11

rock camp 12


Don’t forget to click on the link below and join The Rock Camp Experience.


Facebook page


Rock Camp Experience home page



The Dog House Bar and Grille home page

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