The SoulMates Band


The SoulMates Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

I had been invited by the drummer of the SoulMates Band to come to listen to them play at Schuller Bar and Grille. I knew all the guys in the band except the keyboard player. Amazing music comes Schullers Tavern in Golden Valley, Minnesota. Not only a great place to eat and drink but the best entertainment in the Metro area.

Wilbur Cole was on the keyboard and singing solo and blended.

Steve Vondeharr, the special guest, was on the harmonic and sang both solo and blended.

Tom Donnohue was on drums and sang solo and blended.

Bass guitar was Bill (William) Pelletier and sang solo and blended.

Last was lead guitar, singer solo, and blended, Johny O Keefe.

All these gentlemen are long-time professional musicians and singers. Upbeat, on time, and great blues and rock and roll music. Always on the beat and a great stage present. The crowd loved them and danced all night long with their music. Dancers know great music!

A great combination of music and singing that made it a great evening. I fell in love with their music, and I was one of those dancers dancing all night long. Not every band can do that for me. They have to be good.

Wilbur Cole was a fantastic keyboard and singer. I feel cheated that I had not met him before. I know I will be seeing more of this from now on. Great job, Wilbur! You’re amazing!

Steve Vondeharr and I have been friends for years. He is always a pro and in high demand for his music and singing.

Tom Donnohue is the one drummer people when in a pinch, they need someone. He is always on the beat and leads any band with the right rhythm.

Bass guitarist Bill Pelletier has his own style of excellent bass music and sings with his fantastic voice. Always a great addition to any band.

Last is my friend Johny O Keefe I see almost monthly. Amazing guitarist, and singer. I often see him at jam sessions as a real treasure in any band.

An all-star five performance. Five stars for being on beat and tone. Amazing singers! Five-star solo for all singers. Five stars for blended singing.

If you want to find out more about SoulMates, click on the links below. I know I will be seeing them again soon.


SoulMates Facebook page


SoulMates Homepage


Schullers Tavern homepage



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