Johnny Rawls


Johnny Rawls

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a special Friday night when I was at Wilebskis Blues Saloon in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Only the best of the best in the world come to the Hot Spot in the Twin Cities, Wilebskis Blues Saloon.

I had seen Johnny Rawls on TV when I was younger and thought he was amazing then. I believe he has gotten better and smoother with age. Singing the blues, Motown, rock and roll, and a bit of jazz once again Johnny as his friends call him wowed the crowd. A fantastic voice that is smooth and even. Never a note off, but Johnny was the best back in his youth and has perfected perfection!

Wowing the crowd and winning the hearts of everyone there that night. Even the staff stepped out to watch and listen. Shhh, I will not tell on them!

I feel honored to be in the presence of a truly amazing singer and guitarist. A long-time professional, indeed who’s great heart is more significant than the sky. Talking and reaching out to almost everyone there. Not many honored music legends step out to the crowds with friendliness and warmth. A humble man, indeed.

Next playing for him was my long-time friend George Moye playing the bass. What a great musician to play for a famous person like Johnny. Another great man who travels worldwide and a humble man. I must say here George is one of the people who got my writing career on the winning path.

Next is another long-time friend Allen Kirk on drums. One of the best in the five-state area. Everyone knows he is the best. A very sought-after drummer. Allen is another person who helped my writing career!

The last playing with Johnny that night was guitarist John T. Mcghee, excellent indeed. Well blended every note perfection. Great job John T. Mcghee! Thanks for sharing the stage making it complete for everyone listening and watching.

A great show and as well as it should be with big-name hitters playing for the famous and very talented Johnny Rawls.

Of course, there are five stars for Johnny. If there were six stars, Johnny is one of the few who could get them. Five stars for the singing, fantastic voice that keeps getting better and smoother as the years go by. Five stars for Johnny magical guitar playing, best just keep getting enormous. Blended musicians, perfection, and five stars.

My hope is to see Johnny again somewhere in my travels. Great job, Johnny Rawls you never disappoint me in your presence or your musical talent.

Click on the link below to see if Johnny Rawls is playing somewhere near you. Better yet as your local music planners to have Johnny Rawls come to your town!


Johnny Rawls Homepage


Johnny Rawls Facebook page




Wilebskis Blues Saloon Facebook page




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