Brian Naughton Band


Brian Naughton Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a warm winter Saturday night that I finally had time to see the Brian Naughton Band. I had heard Brian as his many friends ask him to sing and play his guitar with several other bands aa a guest. It is indeed an honor to be a guest on stage. I have had that honor a few times. Only the best get asked to be on stage as a guest.

Tonight was no exception to the music I heard. First, I have to say Brian is a ball of energy and a magnet to everyone around him. A very loving young man who shines in any crowd. It shows on stage, Brian leads the band on stage. A larger than life presence with a big magical voice! Playing the guitar, he works his mojo, which is quite a pleasure to any ears and soul.

Next in the band is Patrick Smith, all his friends call him Pat! The soul of the group. I could feel the beat and plug of each note he played. Very intoxicating and smooth. Very friendly and upbeat and lots of energy working on stage.

Next was a new drummer to the band, Samuel Butler. Easy going off stage but a powerhouse on stage. Keep the band on an even and steady beat. Great job, Samuel!

The band played great music, and the dancers loved it. The band has a fabulous stage presence and draws in the crowd, joking and talking to the crowd. On this night, there were a few other musicians that came out to watch the Brian Naughton Band.

The band played blues, rock and roll and a bit of jazz.

Five stars for stage presence. Five Stars for music presentations. Five stars for originality. Five stars for smooth music.

I’ll be back to see the Brian Naughton Band again. Great job, Guys! Click on the links below to find out more information about the band.


Brian Naughton Band Facebook page


Brian Naughton Band Homepage



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