Spotlight: The EXPRESS Band

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Spotlight: The EXPRESS Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a crisp fall evening when I met up with a few friends at Neisen’s Sports Bar & Grill. It was the first time for me to be at Neisen’s as everyone calls it to watch, listen, and dance to a new band to me called The EXPRESS Band.

I found the environment of Neisen’s Sports Bar & Grill very welcoming and staff very attentive. The stage was big enough for the band to entertain. Dance floor and plenty of tables to sit, eat, drink, and be amazingly entertaining.

Neisen’s Sports Bar & Grill was packed by followers of the band. The locals waiting to hear some of the best music around. The EXPRESS Band is an excellent band for being right on time beat, melody, and harmony. The blend of singing Capella was terrific. Only real seasoned, talented singers can do that.

A well-blended band with awesome fun energy on stage. Everyone sings on stage. Well blended singing on beat and notes.

Meet the band members;

Carolyn Schmitz, Lead Singer, and Backup Singer.

Jennifer Mach, Lead Singer, and Backup Singer.

Jeff Germann Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, and Backup Vocals

Barry Alverman, Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals, and Backup Vocals

Leon Smith, Keyboards, Lead Vocals, and Backup Vocals

Pete Chirpich, Drums, Lead Vocals, and Backup Vocals

A great crew that really has fun on stage that is contagious to the people watching, listening, and dancing. Right on with the blues, rock, and roll, a bit of jazz, pop music, in addition to the other genres, a great mix of both “current & classic music.”

An all multitalented band that wow’s the crowd with their exceptionally talented band members. This band is excellent, so great I am going back to see them in less than a month. That is not common for me because I am busy meeting new bands to write about.

Five stars for all singers, well blended and solo singers. Well-matched with vocal range.

Five stars for lead guitar, very talented and fabulous with working magic with the notes, right on the beat and notes.

Five stars for a bass player with each note and soul of the band. Right on the beat, keeping the soul and energy of the smooth rhythm.

Five stars for the keyboard. Magic in the fingers with timing and tone!

Five stars for the drummer, always keeping the band in time and high energy. Watching the cues of the singers, very outstanding.

Click on the links below to find out where you can hear The EXPRESS band.

Homepage for The EXPRESS Band

Neisen’s Sports Bar & Grill Homepage

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