Igor Prado

Igor Prado  By Mitzi Beliveau  It was another hot night at Wilebskis Blues Saloon in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I was going to watch some of my good friends play on stage. The famous Paul Barry played the harmonica and sang. Jeremy Johnson played the drums and the lead/rhythm guitar, Tim Wick played the keyboard, John … Continue reading Igor Prado

Voodoo Chicken

Voodoo Chicken By Mitzi Beliveau It was a benefit for the Minnesota Road to Memphis Blues Contest at the Minnesota Music Café that I got to hear Voodoo Chicken. The band is led by David Lambert, and I saw the MN version of Voodoo Chicken. A well-seasoned singer and lead guitar. On this occasion, David, … Continue reading Voodoo Chicken

Helium for LiftOff

Helium for LiftOff By Mitzi Beliveau I’m always amazed when I go somewhere and hear a truly fantastic band. This time I found the Crown Jewels of the Rock and Roll and Blues band in the USA. A local group in Minnesota with a big-time sound of worldwide entertainment. That band's name is Helium of … Continue reading Helium for LiftOff

Snapshot: M. T. Pockets Band

Snapshot: M. T. Pockets Band By Mitzi Beliveau It was a Friday night in North Saint Paul Car Show. The whole town shows up for the weekly car show from June thru October. Added is food, music and amazing old cars lined on the main street. As I was walking, I heard this beautiful music … Continue reading Snapshot: M. T. Pockets Band

Bluedog Band, Update

Bluedog Band, Update By Mitzi Beliveau It was a warm fall evening, and I was invited to listen to one of my favorite Blues band Bluedog at the Spring Café at Como Lakeside Pavilion. A large stage and a big present with Bluedog on the setting of the beautiful Como Lake, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. … Continue reading Bluedog Band, Update

Inside Straights Blues Band, Update

Inside Straights Blues Band, Update By Mitzi Beliveau I decided to host a small group of people for a lovely evening at a place called Tally’s Dockside & C.G. Hooks BBQ in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. We were going to hear one of my favorite bands, Inside Straights Blues Band. My friends and I were … Continue reading Inside Straights Blues Band, Update


Crow By Mitzi Beliveau I was at the Vetsfest of 2019 when I saw the band, Crow. They were celebrating 50 years as a band. That is a long time. It was a hot day, but the place was packed to this awesome band play new songs and old songs. https://outandaboutwithmitzibeliveau.wordpress.com/2019/08/03/vetsfest-2019/ Crow was there for … Continue reading Crow

Pat McLaughlin Band at VetsFest 2019

Pat McLaughlin Band at VetsFest 2019 By Mitzi Beliveau It was a hot Saturday in the summer for the Vetsfest in Oakdale, Minnesota when I saw one of my favorite bands, Pat McLaughlin Band. By the way, Pat McLaughlin helped put the Vetsfest on every year with the help of many volunteers. https://outandaboutwithmitzibeliveau.wordpress.com/2019/08/03/vetsfest-2019/   Played … Continue reading Pat McLaughlin Band at VetsFest 2019

Craig Clark Band

Craig Clark Band By Mitzi Beliveau It was a hot Saturday morning when I heard the Craig Clark Band at the Vetsfest of 2019 at the Richard Walton Park in Oakdale, Minnesota. https://outandaboutwithmitzibeliveau.wordpress.com/2019/08/03/vetsfest-2019/ I have listened to the Craig Clark band many times, and I always enjoy hearing their music and dancing to the band. … Continue reading Craig Clark Band

Spotlight: The Jorgensens

Spotlight: The Jorgensens By Mitzi Beliveau It was a hot Sunday afternoon when I went to PD Pappy’s in Stillwater, Minnesota to see the Jorgensens Band. It was not the first time I have seen them. This time a brought a group of friends with me. I knew my friends would love this band and … Continue reading Spotlight: The Jorgensens