Matt Farris and The Half Baked Outlaws


Matt Farris and The Half Baked Outlaws

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a Friday night, and I was in Laughlin, Nevada at the Splash Night Club in the Aquarius Resort and Casino. I had met up with several of my friends and decided to check out the Splash Night Club. The big screen was turned off, and the music began. The whole band was dressed up for Halloween. Matt Farris was playing rhythm guitar and singing. With a smooth southern voice that was even and strong. Along with Matt as his friends call him was his band called Half Baked Outlaws.

With Matt singing and the band doing solos and back up singing, it was a winning combination. I found harmony, well-blending music, and on-time music. The band and Matt’s choices were Country, Blues, Rock and Roll music that night. As a matter of fact, I like Matt and the Half Baked Outlaws so much I came back to see them two more nights.

Now, mind you, I usually don’t see a band so many nights in a row. I found the band to be excellent listing music and dancing music. The Splash that everyone in the Laughlin area calls the Night Club was packed each night to listen to Matt and Half Baked Outlaws. They were defiantly very popular with people from all over the world.

I listen to the people who were dancing and listening to Matt and the band. The crowd said they loved the music, and it was good that Matt comes out to the crowd as he sings once in a while. The ladies go wild. Matt does have a lot of sex appeal for the ladies to enjoy.

Rich Doucette played lead guitar exceptional well. Not only did he work his guitar but made her sing like an Angel. Not many lead guitarists can do that, but Rich did that consistently all weekend. A very talented man with a great voice as well. Even a strong singing voice, an outstanding solo singer.

The drummer was Kerry Oliveri. I love to see well-seasoned female drummers. Leading the band and keeping them on time is always an enormous task. Kerry was right on and more. The high energy permeated throughout the whole group with her.

Next was Josh Cumming the bass guitar player and the soul of the band and the music the whole weekend. Every pluck was right on and smooth. Great voice and multi-talented.

Matt Farris sang exceptional well and with singing the divers songs and good at holding very long notes. I got chills when he sang. Not everyone can do that to me, only great singers. A very mature singing voice with an intense voice range. I can see why Matt has a large following and wowing crowd where ever they are; a great band with amazing talent. Great job and keep singing Matt Farris and The Half Baked Outlaws. Keep sharing your gifts of music.

Five stars for stage presence, five stars for blended music, five stars for solo singers, five stars for musicians solos, and five stars County Music extraordinaire.

You can find out more about Matt Farris and the Half Baked Outlaws by clicking on the links below. Find out where they are playing and be wowed!



Matt Farris FaceBook page

Matt Farris homepage


Splash Night Club website

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