The Goombas

The Goombas

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a Sunday afternoon at a benefit at the famous Minnesota Music Café, I was there to meet up with a few friends and dance the day and evening away.

I knew a few people in the band Goombas, whom I am told only perform a few times a year. As I listen to the band Goombas, they are not your ordinary local band but professionals who know their music. Smooth music that flowed flawlessly. Everyone blended well together, and the singers solo and blended were amazing matched, on time, and again flawless!


As I was watching and listening to everyone in the crowd was singing along. The Goombas could and should be traveling all over the world. A lot of great talent. I love the way they mixed it up, and many of the musicians played multiple instruments.

The Goombas sang old rock and roll a bit of blues and had the crowd in the palm of their hands. Not many bands can get their audience the very first song, the Goombas did it! Dancers danced the whole time the Goombas preformed.

Dave Cossetta was the main drummer kept the beat the band right on and never was off. Note that I do listen to the drummers because one mistake and the whole group would be off. Dave did a supered job.

Mike Brennan also played drums for the benefit of the Goombas. Mike is known as a good drummer in the area and did a great job keeping the band on the beat.

Pat Mancini was doing lead and rhythms guitars. Right on beat and notes. Pat, as his friends, calls him, also did vocals. Pat sang solos and back up. It is amazing how everyone in this band is multi-talented. Pat was one of these multi-talented people.

Soby, as everyone calls him, played lead and rhythm guitar. Soby also sang vocals lead and blended. Soby was also one of the multi-talented people in the band.

Brenne LaHave was one of the female vocals that did background singing. Every note was right on the beat.

Katie Jensen was also one vocal singer who blended well with the other singers. Each of the ladies was smooth and right in tones and rhythm.

KennyMahler played the keyboard with high energy and rocked the music he played.

Dan Vruno played the bass soulfully and smooth.

Mark Arnesen played the saxophone, sang, and played other instruments. A well-known friend and a great addition to the band for the benefit that Sunday.

The Goombas get five stars for stage present, five stars for smooth music, five stars for blended singers, five stars for solo parts, and singers.

To find out about the band, I have a few links below. Because they do not do much performance and as the band members said, they just get together for the enjoyment, it is hard to find out where they are playing next.

Minnesota Music Cafe Facebook page

Mancini’s Char House

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