Ronn Easton and Friends


Ronn Easton and Friends

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a Friday night, and a news writer friend, and I decided to go to the Mudd Room Speakeasy. She was there to write about the drinks, I was there to write about the band. I already knew the drummer, and we said our greetings. That would be Mike DuBois, who happens to be married to one of my friends, Dee Miller. I always love listening to Mike, I know a band is in good hands with Mike on the drums. Mike is one of the top five drummers in the mid-west area.

Next is the famous Patrick Smith on Bass, everyone needs someone like Patrick to set the groove for the music for the band. Patrick played smooth and plucked each note right on the beat. Great talent, I can see why John Easton had Patrick play bass that night.

John Della Selva was on lead guitar, and his guitar sang that night. John was well blended with the other musicians and never overpowering. An outstanding guitarist and again another top musician in the Mid-west area.

Next was the famous saxophone player, Jose James. If I had heard him play without seeing him, I would have thought of him as being an old pro. Smooth and even and hitting each note to perfection. Jose plays well beyond his youth. He is not an older man, but whos music perfection matches old famous sax players’ performances.

Wesley Ruelle on Keys was the newest and youngest member, but not with his talent. Every key and note right on the beat. Blending well with the band. Another great musician.

Ronn Easton picked the top musicians in the area. It showed while they played and sang.

Now for the man and most excellent voice, Ronn Easton. Compelling voice and a sexy sound that made every woman dreamy. Which put them in a good mood for several men to dance slow dances with their ladies. This was my first time listening to live music from Ronn Easton. Ronn, as his friends, calls him has had many write-ups about his beautiful voice and command on stage. Each musician enjoyed playing that night for Ronn watched for his cues for tone and beat of the songs he sang.

A well-done performance, I was amazingly surprised and loved every minute of my time there.

I was blessed that night to be able to see Ronn Easton and Friends. You know, I was supposed to be somewhere else that night and ended up at the Mudd Room listing to a great group of musicians and with excellent talent and a fantastic singer. Tonight, the group played Motown, Smooth Rock and Roll, Jazz and a whole lot of love. Thank you,

Five stars for stage present, five stars for smooth music, five stars solo, and blending singing.

Ronn Easton Facebook page

The Mudd Room Facebook page

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