Spotlight: Rick Blessing as Frank Sinatra


Spotlight: Rick Blessing as Frank Sinatra

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was mid-week, and I was at a conference that hired Rick Blessing for and entertainer. I have to say that they made an excellent choice. As I watched Rick as he asked me to call him, I was brought back to the time watching Frank Sinatra on tv. Rick was right on with his facial expressions and movement of his body.


I feel Rick could be on a movie to portray Frank Sinatra; his movement would match what Frank did in his life. Rick also told me how he researched the history along with the songs. Rick was a big hit with the crowd. People were singing along and clapping. People even danced on the carpet floor. It was a wonderful time and felt like time had turned back. I loved watching and listening to the Frank Sinatra show of Rick Blessing.

A very well-seasoned voice, great tone, and right on the notes and timing. It is hard to make impressions of an excellent music star, but Rick Blessing did just that. Rick Blessing achieved the excellence that we all remembered Frank Sinatra on stage. Rick Blessing did with ease and flawless.

Rick gave stories along with the songs as we walk through the history of Frank Sinatra, what an incredible show. I would go back to see Rick Blessing. Rick has sung all over the world. An excellent entertainer and singer.

Five stars for stage presentations, five stars for voice performance, five stars for dance stage performance, five stars for being on the beat, and timing.

If you want to find out more about Rick Blessing and hire him for your event, click on the links below. If you live in Colorado, Rick Blessing preforms there often with a band (Rick Blessing & Trip Ziegler Quartet). Check out his homepage and see if he is traveling through your state.

Rick Blessing homepage

Rick Blessing FaceBook page

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