Izzy Cruz and The C-Notes


Izzy Cruz and The C-Notes

By Mitzi Beliveau

From the minutes the first note came out of Izzy’s lips, she had me. An energetic soulful singer that is years beyond her youth. If you have ever heard them, you would understand why I love them right away.

It was at the Wilebskis Blues Saloon at a Blues benefit that I first heard the incredible band and the lead female singer Izzy Cruz. Izzy, as her friends call her, blew away every one and got standing ovations by everyone who heard Izzy sing. I did a double-take when I saw that Izzy was a young woman singing. Her voice is that of a well-seasoned blues singer.

I was listening to everyone who was in the building, absolutely everyone was amazed and loved Izzy. Musicians and singers from famous bands from the five state areas said they had never heard a singer with such a fantastic voice. The powerful voice holding notes and the vibrations of notes and range were superb. A once in a lifetime star whose voice will be remembered throughout time. Yes, that is how amazing Izzy Cruz is.

I feel blessed to have been there to hear Izzy Cruz sing. Along with the band who did a great job. The young drummer Matthew Mwangi did an excellent job of keeping the beat. The drummer kept his eye on Izzy, who gave cues to the band on when and were to stop or go slower or softer.

The lead guitarist did a great job playing the guitar and singing, Colin Bracewell. Always on cue, beat, and notes. A young perfectionist. I had seen him at jam sessions. An excellent fit for the band!

At this performance was the famous Eric Meyer on the bass guitar. One of the best bass players in the USA.

I see this band going worldwide very soon with the right connections. If you have a chance to see Izzy Cruz and The C-Notes, you will be blessed with great music and singing. Thank you, Izzy Cruz, and The C-Note for being top-notch Blues entertainers. You are all far beyond your years in age and musical talent.

Five stars for a solo singer, five stars for on the beat, five stars for blended singing, five stars for stage performance.


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