Spotlight: Luke Cerny


Spotlight: Luke Cerny

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a Sunday afternoon at Wilebskis Blues Saloon for blues benefit (Road to Memphis) that I first heard Luke Cerny. Luke, as his friends call him, was a winner for the Wisconsin International Blues completion. I enjoyed the light mystical blues music that lit up the whole place. Graceful and loving music coming from on stage by Luke Cerny. You can see by his face, Luke Cerny is a lovely person and full of life and talent.

Very upbeat, even tone, and delightful to the soul to hear and dance to. A compelling musician with the guitar. Not many can just use their guitar to sing, but Luke pulls it off flawlessly. I watched his fingers glide through the notes of each song. His voice was even and steady. I can see why he won Wisconsin hearts for their Blues Community.

You can listen to his awesome music with the link below.  Luke Cerny won the hearts and ears of people at the Wilebskis Blues Saloon that day. Congratulations, Luke Cerny! A win for the Northland of Wisconsin. Luke Cerny is going to Memphis to win the International Blues Completions.

Luke’s recorded a new song.

Five stars for solo singing, five stars for stage performance, five stars for original music, and five stars for flawless guitar music.

Click on the links below to follow Luck Cerny and fantastic singer and guitarist. Don’t forget to buy Luke Cerny’s new CD, Luke Cerny EP. The cover has the most impressive artwork I have ever seen.




Facebook page



Wilebskis Blues Saloon

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