Snapshot: Thursday Night Jam Sessions @ Schooners Tavern

Snapshot: Thursday Night Jam Sessions @ Schooners Tavern By Mitzi Beliveau For 2019 I have decided to expand where I go to listen to music and dance. On a winter chilly Thursday evening I went to Schooners Tavern in Minneapolis, Minnesota to a Jam Session. I have to say, I was surprised by the enormous … Continue reading Snapshot: Thursday Night Jam Sessions @ Schooners Tavern

Snapshot: Tony Omodt-Lopez

Snapshot: Tony Omodt-Lopez By Mitzi Beliveau It was a chilly winter evening when I went to Wilebski’s Blues Saloon for their Tuesday Night Jam Sessions. It was getting to the end of the evening, and this young man took the stage with his guitar. I saw as he took the stage and was ready to … Continue reading Snapshot: Tony Omodt-Lopez

Spotlight: Bambi Alexandra

Spotlight: Bambi Alexandra By Mitzi Beliveau One in a while in your life you hear a voice that memorizes you. That is Ms. Bambi Alexandra the very first time I hear this powerful blues voice. Every place I go and listen to Bambi as her friends and fans call her everyone is in awe of … Continue reading Spotlight: Bambi Alexandra

My 100th Post in 2018

My 100th Post in 2018 By Mitzi Beliveau I decided to write my 100th blog post on my music blog page. I don’t usually talk about myself on this site other than being the one writing it! I have had on a few occasions had people ask me how can you hear all the musicians beat … Continue reading My 100th Post in 2018

Hollihan’s Pub Jam Session

Hollihan’s Pub Jam Session By Mitzi Beliveau I’m always a fan of Jam Sessions, and in the area, I can say we have them every day of the week. I just have to choose which one I want to go to. We are definitely blessed to have so many musicians and singers in the Minneapolis/Saint … Continue reading Hollihan’s Pub Jam Session

Snapshot: Bogey’s Monday Night Jam Session

Snapshot: Bogey’s Monday Night Jam Session By Mitzi Beliveau I was invited to a new Monday Night Jam Session at Bogey’s Bar and Grill by my friend John McCann a famous harmonica player and singer in the USA. John as his friends calls him also has a band that is a great joy to listen … Continue reading Snapshot: Bogey’s Monday Night Jam Session

Snapshot: Ace Barton

Snapshot: Ace Barton By Mitzi Beliveau Every once in a while I am blessed by a genuine legend in music. I am blessed to know Ace Barton a fantastic saxophone player. Ace as his friends calls him has been a saxophone player since his youth and in many bands through his years. I met Ace after … Continue reading Snapshot: Ace Barton

Ted Wilebski Jr.

Ted Wilebskis Jr. By Mitzi Beliveau I never met Ted as many of his friend and blues community called him. I knew about his family because just about every Friday night I go to The Wilebski's Blues Saloon that Ted started. Wilebski's Blues Saloon is a gathering place for the Blues artist, singers, and musicians. … Continue reading Ted Wilebski Jr.

The Inside Straight Blues Band

The Inside Straight Blues Band By Mitzi Beliveau I had been told my several bands and musicians about an extraordinary gem of an event center an hour from my home. I decided to go to the famous Old Shafter Creamery Event Center to see the Inside Straight Blues Band there. I am never disappointed in … Continue reading The Inside Straight Blues Band

AppleValley Jam Sessions

AppleValley Jam Sessions By Mitzi Beliveau Its been a year since this jam session started at the Apple Valley, Minnesota Legion. Leading this jam session is Ace Barton with, Steve Meyer, Bill Swanson, Jim Meier, and many other very talented musicians and singers. Here are a few videos to watch on Facebook that I have … Continue reading AppleValley Jam Sessions