Hollihan’s Pub Jam Session

wednesday jam1

Hollihan’s Pub Jam Session

By Mitzi Beliveau

I’m always a fan of Jam Sessions, and in the area, I can say we have them every day of the week. I just have to choose which one I want to go to. We are definitely blessed to have so many musicians and singers in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area.

On this warm winter evening, I decided to go to Hollihan’s Pub for their Jam Session on Wednesday nights lead by the famous guitar player and singer, Jim Stairs. Jim as his friends call him, host several jam sessions throughout the metro area. Jim is very successful with the jam session, and many very talented musicians and singers attend his jam sessions.

Jim knows the first key to a successful jam session is the core people to help and lead the jam session. In this group is the very talented bass player Trent Boldt. I believe Trent as his friends call him to be in the top five bass players in the nation! Yes, he is that good! Trent could lead a whole band on the beat with his bass guitar. Trent is also great doing solo songs with his bass guitar.

Next is an older keyboard player and also in the top five in the nation, Paul Wigen. We are blessed to have Paul as he prefers to be called by everyone, to play the keyboard and sing. Paul is a great singer and very diverse with his strong raspy blues voice! I would know his voice anywhere. Paul’s voice is very unique from anyone I have heard.

Last, we have a great drummer by the name of Mike Dubois, a very sought-after drummer in this area. Mike is always on beat and helps the newcomers in the music world keep on the beat. I find him to be a very kind, humble and shy man. I love to listen to Mike as the local musicians call him, play his solo drum parts; Lots of energy and great timing.

When you add all of these great musicians and singers together, you have a great team to lead the newer musician jamming with you. Anyone of these men alone can lead all new musicians on time, on the note and in tune! Awesome magic happens here at the Hollihan’s Pub Jam Sessions on Wednesday nights! Click on the link below to find them. If you have some musical talent, join them. Or just for your music enjoyment be there to listen to some of the best music with no cover change in the White Bear Lake, Minnesota! Thanks, Jim, Trent, Paul, and Mike! See you all again, soon!


Hollihan’s Pub Jam Session Facebook page



Hollihan’s Pub in White Bear Lake Facebook page





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