Snapshot: Bogey’s Monday Night Jam Session

bogey jam session

Snapshot: Bogey’s Monday Night Jam Session

By Mitzi Beliveau

I was invited to a new Monday Night Jam Session at Bogey’s Bar and Grill by my friend John McCann a famous harmonica player and singer in the USA. John as his friends calls him also has a band that is a great joy to listen to.

With great leadership and friendships, this is a start to a great Jam Session. The location is excellent next to the local freeways and lots of parking. The Bogey’s Bar and Grill were very welcoming to the musicians and singers. I can see this place being the next hot spot for local music and jam sessions. Bogey’s Bar and Grill also has excellent food. An exceptional combination and choice for the Jam Session.

It was good to hear many of my friends sing and play the best music and give the gift of their talents to the locals. This Jam Session has a great start also with a solid three-piece house band that can build off into a beautiful foundation of music.

Congratulations to the new Jam Session and I am looking forward to visiting them more. You can find out more about this Jam Session by clicking on the link below.


Bogey’s Bar and Grill jam session Facebook page

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