Snapshot: Ace Barton


Snapshot: Ace Barton

By Mitzi Beliveau

Every once in a while I am blessed by a genuine legend in music. I am blessed to know Ace Barton a fantastic saxophone player. Ace as his friends calls him has been a saxophone player since his youth and in many bands through his years.

I met Ace after he had retired from the band scene and was now in charge of a great Jam Session at the Apple Valley Legion in Apple Valley Minnesota. The Apple Valley Jam Session just recently had their first anniversary. No small task for anyone, but Ace is good at whatever he puts his mind to.

I find Ace to be the best saxophone player in the upper Midwest area and perhaps even in the top five in the nation. Yes, he is that good. Every time he plays a solo, he gets the listeners clapping and yelling for more. He is very well admired in the local music community by all genre of music.

I could write his story, but none thing could compare to the amazing man he is now. A loving husband, father, musician and just a giving man to anyone he meets. Ace is that once in a lifetime man that shine and inspires others to keep going in their music career or just life in general.

If you are ever in the local Minneapolis/Saint Paul area on a Monday come visit Ace and friends playing some of the best music around. I have been blessed by knowing a great man. Thank you, Ace, for all your hard work.

You can find out more about Apple Valley Jam Sessions on the link below. Excellent music is always created and played there! This Jam Session is known worldwide, and many well know performers come here to jam.


Ace Barton Homepage


Apple Valley Jam Session Facebook page


Apple Valley Legion Facebook page





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