Snapshot: The Many Faces of The Squishy Mud Band

squishy mud3

Snapshot: The Many Faces of The Squishy Mud Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a warm winter evening in Shafer, Minnesota at The Old Shafer Creamery Event Center that I went to see a friend play with his band. Squishy Mud Band has morphed with lots of changes of band members. The two constant band members are the leader Jim Stairs lead guitar and Trent Boldt on bass guitar.

I love the way the two guys Jim and Trent as their friends call them to work together to make magic. Two of the best guitar artists in the state of Minnesota. Each working and complementing each other. This creates a good foundation for adding just about any good drummer and keyboard player in their mix for the Squishy Mud Band.

On this evening the Squishy Mud Band was joined by drummer Jeff Hauschildt, a well-known drummer in the Minneapolis area. I had heard they practiced once, but you would never know it by listening to the great sounds of the band that right on the beat, thanks to Jeff Hauschildt.

Next is they younger keyboard player, Jesse Mueller knows for the expert sounds of blues, rock and roll and the new Minnesota sound he plays in many different bands he plays for; It is hard to get a good keyboard player. They are rare indeed.

The people loved the band and danced the night away with the great songs of rock and roll, blues and a little bit of country. It is like going to a large concert and only having to pay a small price for exceptional music.

I love the large dance floor and the great drink prices at The Old Shafer Creamery Event Center. They have the best bands from the upper Midwest play there.

I’ll be back to listen to The Squishy Mud Band were ever they play. I am always pleased with the great music they produce!

You can find more about the different places Squishy Mud Band plays at in the link below. You can also find more about The Old Shafer Creamery Event Center in the link below.


The Squishy Mud Band Facebook page


Facebook page for The Old Shafer Creamery Event Center

The Old Shafer Creamery Event Center Homepage


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