Snapshot: Connor McRae’s Red Apple Trio


Snapshot: Connor McRae’s Red Apple Trio

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a warm, lovely winter night and I had a friend go with me to Schooner Bar in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We were going to see a new band called, Connor McRae’s Red Apple Trio. I was not disappointed. I knew Connor as his friends call him when he first came to Wilebski’s Blues Saloon. I met Connor at the Wilbeski’s Blues Saloon at the Jam session. Indeed, Connor has talent on the drums as well as his Southern Blues voice that will melt the hearts of women everywhere.

Chris Johnson is on bass. Bass is always crucial in any band. I could hear each and every strum and pluck he played. A solid bass player right on the rhythm and beat. Chris as his friends call him also has a great voice. Chris sang both solos and blended with Connor. Chris has a sound that is very uplifting and feeling for what he sings.

Next is Jeremy Johnson in lead guitar. All I can say about Jeremy as everyone in the music business call him is he truly makes his guitar sing. I see his finger move over the strings like magic producing spectacular music to the ears and your soul. I didn’t see Jeremy sing, but his guitar sure did!


I enjoyed the mix music they played and sang. Some were songs others were grand musical songs all in blues, jazz and rock, and roll. I’ll be back to see them as Schooner Tavern in Minneapolis. I believe soon they will be expanding all over the five-state area. Good luck guys!

I give Connor five stars for drums and five stars for southern blues voice perfection.  Chris Johnson, I give five stars for smooth achievement of a bass guitar. Chris Johnson also gets five stars for voice performance rhythm and tone. Jeremy Johnson receives five stars for an outstanding performance of lead guitar.

You can find out more about Connor McRae’s Red Apple Trio by clicking on the links below.


Facebook homepage

Schooner Tavern Facebook page

Wilebski’s Blues Saloon facebook page



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