Snapshot: Steve (Boom Boom) Vonderharr

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Snapshot: Steve (Boom Boom) Vonderharr

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a beautiful winter afternoon, and I left almost two hours before the retirement gig of Steve Vonderharr. The local bar was a few miles down the road. When I open the door, I was amazed, the place was packed. I thought this must be the lunch crowd for a Sunday? I found the last seat at the end of the bar. I was right next to the stage. I was wrong everyone was there for Steve Vonderharr and his band.

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It was a retirement show for Steve as his friends call him. His last time on stage with his band. I knew Steve over the years and seen him many times with his lovely wife. Steve always brings life to the stage and off! I have never seen Steve without a smile unless he is playing his harmonica. Steve is a powerhouse with his harp and has a strong singing voice with emotions. You can feel the songs he sings and often when he is at other bands shows they ask him to join on stage.

Steve offstage presence is more significant the life. Steve meets and greets everyone with his big smiles and always says something different to everyone he meets. Steve is still upbeat and encouraging to others. The room lights up where ever Steve is at. On stage, Steve and his band had a great present, and everyone knew they were going to have a great time.

That afternoon at the bar the place was packed from door to door. Everyone was there to see Steve off to his retirement. I known band members who retire, they never indeed retire. It is in their blood like it is with Steve. He will be mix and mingling with the music world. Helping where he can, but his family life will have more of his time which is good as one gets a little older.

Good luck Steve, my friend. May your days be extended, and the famous smile you are known for being always present. You can find out more about Steve on his facebook page.


Facebook page


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