My 100th Post in 2018

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My 100th Post in 2018

By Mitzi Beliveau

I decided to write my 100th blog post on my music blog page. I don’t usually talk about myself on this site other than being the one writing it! I have had on a few occasions had people ask me how can you hear all the musicians beat in their different instruments and the various notes and keys? Also, how can you tell if someone is off key or beat? Last, I had someone ask, what makes you a good or great music critic?

As a child, I came from a very diverse musical family, of both musicians and singers. As a child, I sang, played the harmonica, the organ, the drums of my brother, and the guitars of both my brothers. I played on the accordion for a while and helped a friend learn to play on the piano. I already knew the keys, so it was easy to help her. The drums and guitars I did not like as well as singing.

As a teen, I was in the band of my brothers and my late husbands’ family and friends’ band. We were not famous. We mostly just jammed. Jammed with others and I loved to sing in both. I did help my first late husband write and sing songs that we practiced with his band. They never came to anything, but we did it anyway!

I then stopped being in the band when we started having children. My children began to play instruments. I helped them play woodwinds instruments called the recorder. I love playing them after the interest of my children grew cold of them.

My attention lied in singing. I sang in school choirs, church choirs and on stage for musical plays. As I became older, I started to dance more and stopped singing.

I decided to start a ballroom dancing class and was very successful as a new student. I knew the beat of the music which is the foremost thing you need to know.

I do a few karaoke songs a couple of times during the year and a singer as a backup if I am asked on stage. I love to dance more, and my voice is not as it used to be.

In the present time, I am now writing and listening to great music. I can hear if an instrument if off the beat, off-key or just not blending well with the other instruments. I can also tell if the singer or singers are off key or beat. Why, because I have played lots of different kind of instruments, wrote songs, sang solos and blended and danced. I didn’t really look back why I noticed all these things in bands till someone asked me.

How can anyone cretic anyone without having the experience themselves? I have a little of everything but not as experienced as the people I listen to. I know the hard work everyone does in the band to create great music; Some for little or no pay. They love music. I call music healing and a blessing to those who play, sing, write and listen. So, I share what I see, hear and experience.

I do know what I hear, some of the best music in the world. That is what I share when I write. It’s been a great year for music! Thank you to all the musicians, singers and writers I have had the pleasure to talk to and listen to. I’m am blessed. Thank you. You are all why I write this music blog.


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