The Mark Cameron Band

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The Mark Cameron Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

I was at a benefit for a fundraiser when I heard the first band on, The Mark Cameron Band. We were all at the Minnesota Music Café for the Dee Miller Band Benefit to go to the Memphis Blues competitions. The first thing I noticed was the exceptionally rare mature sounding voice of a seasoned singer. That was the voice of Mark Cameron, smooth, silky and well under control. Never offbeat, tone, note or expression. A rare find in bands nowadays.

Mark Cameron is also the lead guitar in the band. As his voice an excellent lead guitar playing blues, jazz, and pop tunes. The crowded loved his music, and It did not take long for the dancers to hit the floor and start dancing the music of a great band. The Mark Cameron Band is one of the top 10 bands in the five-state area in my opinion.

Sheri Cameron multi-talented playing the saxophone, flute, bongo drums, washboard, and tambourine. Sheri as her friends calls her also did background singing. Well, blending singing.

Scott Lundberg is the bass player. Always on the beat keeping the music on rhythm. I could hear each pluck of note right on the beat keeping the band and singers right on the beat. A good bass guitar player is critical in any group. Scott, as his friends call him is has the experience and energy to keep any band on the beat. Also, Scott is a well-blended singer.

Next was the guest drummer Donna Dahl extraordinary well sought-after drummer in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area. Donna as her friends calls her keeps any band on the beat she plays with. Very diverse and accomplished.

The next guest member of this band for the benefit was Rick Miller harmonica player and singer! Rick as his friends and blues community call him is well trained in the harmonica. He is in the top rating of the blues community for the best music from a harp.

I give this band five stars for rhythm and tone. Five stars for the lead singer. Five stars for the drummer. Five stars for the saxophone, flute, and percussionist. Five stars for the Harmonica player. Five stars for lead guitar and bass players. I’ll be visiting The Mark Cameron Band often and dancing to some of the best music in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area.

To find out more about the band, their music and where they are playing go to their websites links below. To find out more about the Minnesota Music Café the links are provided below.


The Mark Cameron Band homepage

The Mark Cameron Band Facebook page


Minnesota Music Café Facebook page

Minnesota Music Café homepage



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