CD Review, Master Key by Elizabeth Lockhart, Singer

CD Review, Master Key by Elizabeth Lockhart, Singer By Mitzi Beliveau Not too often I hear a CD where I love all of the songs on it. One hit after another. A smooth CD filled with Celtic Music, Folk Celtic Music, and Easy Listening Music. The CD Master Key is true that, a Master with … Continue reading CD Review, Master Key by Elizabeth Lockhart, Singer

My 100th Post in 2018

My 100th Post in 2018 By Mitzi Beliveau I decided to write my 100th blog post on my music blog page. I don’t usually talk about myself on this site other than being the one writing it! I have had on a few occasions had people ask me how can you hear all the musicians beat … Continue reading My 100th Post in 2018

Snapshot: Ms. Loralea

Snapshot: Ms. Loralea By Mitzi Beliveau In the middle of the state of Minnesota, you will be able to hear some of the best bands in the small towns. The groups and individuals are not well known in the “Big City.” These small towns have some great music. I came across one very talented woman … Continue reading Snapshot: Ms. Loralea