Snapshot: Ms. Loralea


Snapshot: Ms. Loralea

By Mitzi Beliveau

In the middle of the state of Minnesota, you will be able to hear some of the best bands in the small towns. The groups and individuals are not well known in the “Big City.” These small towns have some great music. I came across one very talented woman who sings, plays bass guitar and keyboard sometimes I am told by Ms. Loralea.

Ms. Loralea grew up in Duluth, MN with musical talent in the family. Uncles, aunties, cousins and etc. so there was no surprise that I heard a robust angelic voice with great tone and on the beat on each note. Ms. Loralea is the best female I have listened to on bass guitar. Ms. Loralea is an excellent bass player that was playing with the band Brickheads that night, but she usually is a keyboard player. I could feel the bass with the rhythm and magic in each note. Ms. Loralea is a regular in this band as a keyboard player and has exceptional talent. Ms. Loralea has played in several groups. Ms. Loralea told me she started in High School in 1995.

She used to sing with cousin Darren who passed away not long ago. Ms. Loralea now lives in a smaller town than her hometown of Duluth and sings whenever she gets a chance. Ms. Loralea used to play in a band regularly with a group called Side Effect as a bass player, keyboard player, and singer. Till the band broke up. Ms. Loralea last gig was playing and sing at a benefit for one of the locals in the area. It was called. “Get Your Pink on for Lissa” in a small town in Northern Minnesota.

I give Ms. Loralea five stars for the rhythm of the bass, five stars for bass tone, five stars for voice tone, five stars for energy in the music she sings. Five stars for a Keyboard player. I would rate Ms. Loralea number one female bass guitar player in Minnesota. Number one in Minnesota for Female Keyboard player. Yes, she is that good. My opinion is that Ms. Loralea is the top five bass guitar player in the five-state area.

Ms. Loralea plays with the Brickheads in Northern Minnesota the link is below. Good luck with your music adventures!


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