Snapshot: Cherry Gun Band


Cherry Gun Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

Good music will come and go, but great music enjoyment lasts a lifetime. That is what I found in Cherry Gun. A four-piece band that always includes their sound guy! I was at a bar and grill in Stillwater Minnesota when I heard Cherry Gun for the first time.

I first introduced myself to the drummer, Corey. A very friendly and energetic man. I loved listening to his drumming. Always on the beat and I could tell by looking at him that he loved what he was doing. I could feel his whole mind, body, and soul was into the drums and the music.

Next, I met with the band leader and lead singer, Amy. A very strong voice and hitting each note right on. Each note was right on the beat, she blended very well with her husband and lead guitarist Dan. Dan also sings solo. I found several guitars on stage laid side by side together. Wow, I was him use two of them while dancing with my large group of dance friends. Dan works his guitars to sing music on their own. Not many guitarists can do that.


Last is their bass guitarists Cory. I just love the way he works his bass guitar and smiles every note he plays. You can feel the love in each note he plays. Good rhymes and tone with each pluck or strike of the strings.

To top off the band is the important sound guy. Well blended work and sound acoustic. If you have a great sound guy, you have great sound evenly toned and balanced.

For danceability, I give Cherry Gun five stars. For the beat, I give the drummer five stars. For entertainment, I give Cherry Gun five stars. Cherry Gun will keep you upbeat and dance all night long. Below are several links to find out more information about the band.


Cherry Gun Homepage


Cherry Gun Facebook page





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