Snapshot: Dorothy Doring


Dorothy Doring

By Mitzi Beliveau

I was at a Memorial for a friend who was a great man and musician. One of the things we do in the Music community is to have a Jam Session in their honor. This is where I met Dorothy Doring. I had heard about her and it was the beckoning of an older Blues singer that I should write about her.

I knew after a few notes she sang she was defiantly a great and beautiful singer as the man had told me. Miss Dorothy as many loving calls her had a great tone and hit each note with perfectionism. I heard her sing a difficult song like it was butter. Smooth, sweet, and solid. Dorothy Doring sang two songs.

Miss Dorothy commanded the musicians on stage how the beat would be and perfect of the musicians before she even sang. I could tell everyone on that stage, loved that she would be singing and they had the honor of playing for her. No one talked while she was sing. That in its self tells me that the music community not only honors Miss Dorothy but truly wants to hear what she sings.

I give Dorothy Doring five stars for voice control. Five stars for tone and beat. I know in the future I will want to see and hear her again.


You can find out more about Dorothy Doring on her homepage

Facebook page

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