Snapshot: Steve V and The Knockouts


Steve V and the Knockouts

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a crisp fall day when I went into a local bar to watch a local well know Blues singer and part of his band. I have never been disappointed by watching Boom Boom Steve V. and his crew. Steve Vonderharr is a well-known Harpist and Blues singer.

That chilly fall day was mundane until I heard Steve sing and play. I always want to start dancing when I listen to him and his band. I was not the only one dancing and enjoying a Sunday afternoon in that small local bar. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Steve and his band several times, and I have never been disappointed.

Steve is in the top five for harp players in Minnesota. He is very commanding with the harp and indeed is at one with this instrument. Of the three men singing that Sunday afternoon, I can see why people see them even though not everyone in the band was there. They did have a backup drummer, who played very well. Each man sang with command and right on beat and emotions with each song.

I give Steve Vonderharr five stars for the harp player. The band five stars for the rhythm, tone, and command of their music. You can also buy his music CD at any event they sing at.

Below is the link to find out more about them. Next time I see them will be at Wilebski’s Blues Saloon in St. Paul, MN on September 7, 2018 6-10 PM. Joining the band that night they will have special guest Bruce McCabe.

Steve V and the Knockouts site

Facebook page

Wilebski’s Blues Saloon Facebook page



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