Vintage Raggs


Vintage Raggs

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a fall evening and I was at PD Pappys in Stillwater, MN. With a few of my dance friends. We were all there to see a band I have seen many times, Vintage Raggs. I always get there early to talk to the band members before they start playing. I like to take pictures of them before the people come and after when people pack in the place. Which always happens with Vintage Raggs.

Sometimes bands lose their pizazz because they either don’t practice or use the same songs. Not with Vintage Raggs. They play perfection and voices blend well. The beat is right on with the great drummer Peter, they have. If the drummer is off the beat the whole song is off.

Jody sings, and sings well! Lead singer for the band and genuinely entertains the crowds both on stage and off! A great voice and tempo along with a sexy attitude bring in the ladies for this band member Jody.

The next main singer is a young man I have written about before Dave. He has the opportunity to sing as a soloist in the music world but also sings with his magic voice and a great lead guitarist. Every stoke and note is right on and hypnotizing.

Just as you think you have heard the best, then there is Bill Lee. Another great guitarist in the band doing the rhythm in the band. Without the guitar rhythm and blending well with the other guitar is not as easy as some may think. Bill Lee know how to not only hit each note perfect but blend in well.

We have Brian Z on the keyboards defiantly in the top 5 in the five-state area for keyboard players. Good tempo, on key, smooth blending music. Another awesome musician in the band!

This was one of the best qualities of the band, very well blending working guitars. It is not easy to blend, mix and be on beat with that many guitars. This band does it.

For this night the last man I am writing about is David Eiland. He is pictured in the hat in the cover picture above. Awesome sax player that night and bass guitar player. East strum and plucked were well executed and blended. The sax was exceptionally well done and stupendous and smooth. Even tone and each note done right. Great rhythm.

I give this band Vintage Raggs five stars for smooth tones and rhythm. Five stars for the best-blended guitars I have heard, ever! Five stars for entertainment and friendliness of their fans. Yes, that does count as stars. One of the few bands in Minnesota that the band has an all start hit musician and singers.

If you wish to see Vintage Raggs look below for links to find more information about the band and where they are playing. I will be seeing them again. Great job Vintage Raggs! You packed in the place. Pictures below.

Before Vintage Raggs played.

before vintage

After Vintage Raggs started playing.

after vintage



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