Steve V & The Knockouts with Bruce McCabe Concert

steve v and bruce1

Steve V & The Knockouts with Bruce McCabe

By Mitzi Beliveau

There was fall in the air and the first Friday Night of long events at Wilebski’s Blues Saloon! One of my favorite places to dance to and listen to music. Wilebskis Blues Saloon has some of the best acoustic in the metro area. Bands love to play there.

I had the pleasure of seeing Steve V and the Knockouts again. I am never disappointed with the well-known band in the Metro area of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. There is always a lot of energy on the stage. Steve V and the Knockouts have their CDs along with a few solo CDs of Steve V.

Steve V voice is a blend of excellent with bluestone and love. Steve loves to combine his harmonica with his music. Steve is both a master of his voice and harp.

I first met Connor at Wilebskis Blues Saloon before he started to play for Steve. Always on the beat on the drums and another great singer with the Southern boy’s blues in his voice.

Dan is lead guitar and singer extraordinary fine and smooth sexy voice. Very well blended sound and lead singer. This band has the best lead singers in each band member.

The bass player and singer is Chris Johnson. Very good at both and lots of energy on the stage. When Chris is having fun on stage, everyone is having fun!

Bruce McCabe plays with several bands and is also solo. I am not the only one to write about the now very famous keyboard player and singer. When he plays and sings, the house is rockin!

It was a unique team that evening to be at my old hangout or home away from home and see a great band and Bruce open the Friday nights for the Seasons at Wilebkis Blues Saloon! Thanks for the memories and great times.

I give the honorable Bruce McCabe five stars for keyboard specialist, for Stars for Singing on tone and on the beat.

For Steve V and the Knockouts, they are a knockout band. For the energy of music, I give them five stars. For tone and blending of voices, I give them five stars. New music sound I give Steve V and the Knockouts five stars. This band is the local trendsetters for the blues community. You can find out more about these guys in the link below.




Steve V and the Knockouts homepage


Bruce McCabe tune

Bruce McCabe youtube


Wilebskis Blues Saloon facebook page




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