The Minnesota Jazz Orchestra


The Minnesota Jazz Orchestra

By Mitzi Believau

It was a hot fall Thursday night and about 30 of my dance friends, and I decided to do some swing dancing. I have been there before at the Wabasha Street Caves in Saint Paul, MN. I love this place to swing dance. The Jazz Orchestra is right on the beat! Live with action and well perfected in their sound and tempo. You can feel the place come alive the minute the music starts.

The band also has a multigenerational following. I saw older high school students, college students, mid-aged people with a few bringing their children. The older crowd was there and could keep up with some of the younger people. All enjoyed some of the best Jazz music I have heard in years.

I notice that several of The Minnesota Jazz Orchestra members play multiple instruments. This is mostly a horn group, well diverse and very well on tempo and beat. I did not hear anyone off! Wow! This group does their practice!

The drummer is right on the beat, and I could feel his whole being enjoying the music. The keyboard player was right on and brought that extra touch of magic in the music. I have to come back to the horn section again. Wow! Whether there were solos or blended sound. Each and everyone right on! I listen quite intently to look for each one. No one was off even a bit. Great blend job! Every beat and note were right on.

The singers for the evening that are members of The Minnesota Jazz Orchestra are Debbie O’Keefe and Gregg Marquardt. Each singing solo and blended. I have to say both were extraordinary well-blended singers and well as solo. Each singing very well to the beat and note. I can tell they practice well with the band. Each is perfectly tuned to the music, tempo, and beat.


In my opinion, this is my number one Jazz orchestra in the Twin Cities! I’m going back with my friends. Everyone I came with that evening at the Wabasha Caves in Saint Paul, MN said they wanted to go back to dance with this band, and this was the best Jazz orchestra they have heard.

I give both singers five stars for tempo and beat were right on. I provide the singers with five stars for tone and blend. I give the Minnesota Jazz Orchestra five starts for rhythm and beat. I give five stars to the Minnesota Jazz Orchestra five stars for a well-blended musical performing Jazz Orchestra.

I rate this Jazz Orchestra group number One in Minnesota and in the top five in the Five State area. My friends and I will be dancing to The Minnesota Jazz Orchestra again! Good luck and keep on playing. Below are the links for The Minnesota Jazz Orchestra and the Wabasha Street Caves of Saint Paul, MN.



The Minnesota Jazz Orchestra

Youtube video


The Wabasha Street Caves website


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