Snapshot: Pat McLaughlin Band Concert


Snapshot: Pat McLaughlin Band Concert

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was Friday night at Wilebski’s Blues Saloon, and it was a hot, humid night. I knew most of the members of this band tonight. The group was a surefire hit to the crowd that night. They played a variety of music, blues, rock and roll, country and a polka dance! I had the best time dancing and so did all my dancing friends that night.

My friend Taco (his nickname) was on the Drums and always keeps the band on the beat, he even did a little solo part to show off his excellent drumming skills! Taco is in the top 5 drummers in the state of Minnesota. I’ve seen Taco play in a new band and know how to keep the groups on the beat and on time. Toco has divine energy in the bands he plays.

Johnny or sometimes people call him JD played the bass guitar. Very well on note, rhythm, and tone. I could feel the beat in each note he played in each song. The bass guitar was well blended with the other instruments. Johnny also sang some solo songs. He has quite a beautiful range of musical notes he can sing. Always on key when he sings.

Next is the addition and unique guest musician, Brad. Very well played in the horn session of the band. Every note was in harmony with the singers and other instruments.

The keyboard player was Chuck Solberg. He played with the Luther Allison Band for decades, what an excellent keyboard player. Every upbeat and every note and rhythm was right on. I saw and heard him do some problematic pieces, and he did them very well. Sam also sang some solo songs; this band has several great singers in the group including Sam.

Last is the lead guitar and leader of the Band Pat Mclaughlin. Very excellent voice and range. A powerful singer and great lead guitarist. Pat, as his friends call him hosts several events a year for the Vets throughout the Minneapolis and Saint Paul, MN area. I will post about these events to fund things for the Vets in my other blog and along with an update for this band.

I give the band five stars for a well-blended musical group. Five stars for a variety of music they play very well. Five stars for excellent solo and blended voices. Another band I will be seeing and dancing to.

You can find out more about Pat McLaughlin Band on the links below.


Facebook page Pat McLaughlin Band


Youtube Pat McLaughlin Band


Wileblskis Blues Saloon facebook page



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