70s Magic Sunshine Band

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70s Magic Sunshine Band

By Mitzi Beliveau


It was a Saturday night at PD Pappys in Stillwater, MN. I and 45 of my dance friends went to hear and dance to the beautiful 70s Magic Sunshine Band. I had heard them two years ago, but his time they were even better than before. I was glad we went, and we all had a great time.

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I introduced my self to rhythm guitar player Mike as he came in to set up and practice. He was early. I noticed the dedication to the band and his fans. Mike is very friendly and welcoming. I stood by him firmly to hear each strum and stroke of his guitar. Excellent tone and beat in each song he played. Also, a magnificent voice and well blended. Mike kept the beat up with each and every song. Mike has outstanding energy with his music.

Next, I met the bands’ leader and drummer Kevin. Great drumming and keeping the beat going with the energy is felt in each beat. The solo drumming got great wows from the crowd that night. A very talented man on the drums.  I could feel the love of music in each beat of every song with Kevin.

Brian is lead singer and guitarist. A powerful voice and can hold a note longer than anyone I know singing professionally. Brian hit each note precisely and with vigor and purpose. Not missing a note or rhythm. I could feel the emotion in each song he sang. Brian did an exceptional job on the guitar as the lead guitar.

Aaron is a great bass guitarist. There are not many great bass players in the state. Aaron is in the top 10 bass players I have heard. Arron keeps on the rhythm and notes evenly and magically produces the bass notes with attitude. Aaron does backup singing very well.

Tim plays the keyboard. He does not overwhelm the other musician in the band. Tone beat, and vocals all blended well. Tim also did a few excellent well-preformed solos that Saturday night. Great voice!

The most important thing I have to say about this band is they are the most talented singers together. I have never heard more well-blended singers with music or acapella. I heard many in the crowd say they were very impressed by the mature blended voices.

I will keep going back to dance and listen to this band. I give the 70s Magic Sunshine Band five stars for the exceptional blended voices with both music and acapella. I would put them number one in the five-state area for mixed vocals.

The 70s Magic Sunshine Band get five stars for danceability music, five stars friendliness to their fans. Tone and music, I give the five stars.

Below are the links to find out more about the band. The link below for PD Pappys


Homepage link


Facebook page


PD Pappys Homepage




2 thoughts on “70s Magic Sunshine Band

  1. Thank you Mitzi for your blog about The 70’s Magic Sunshine Band’!
    We were pleased to meet you and the many friends you brought out, it was fantastic to have you there!
    Your assessment of our band was a very high compliment from someone who hears a lot of bands, we can’t thank you enough for your kindness!
    Next time you are out please come and say hello again; I got busy that evening, but would like to chat a bit more when you have time!


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